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Living in Belize

 Living in Belize provides a distinctly different pace of things.  The allures of this Central American country are very strong especially for those who want to get away from it all and still feel like they fit in and understand the culture. The islands. Belize is home to some 400 islands to explore. Whilst you’ll find some of them are privately owned (as is the case with Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent purchase here), many are tourist spots, ideal locations for day trips and adventure.  Easy residency.  Belize is working very hard to establish itself as an attractive location for expatriates.  Inasmuch, it has made residency requirements very easy to handle.  People aged 45 and older can qualify easily for the country’s retirement program.  The taxes here are also very favourable for expats.  Capital gains and inheritance taxes are not part of living in this country.

Delightful diving.  If you enjoy exploring the water as much as the land, Belize is not going to disappoint.  The country is famous for its diving opportunities.  In fact, Belize is home to the longest barrier reef in the whole of the Western Hemisphere.  Blend this with the incredible turquoise waters, and one of Belize’s strongest appeals becomes quite evident.

Language, culture.  Whilst Belize does march to its own drum, the country is loaded with English speakers and expats.  Its governmental system is democratic and the rules of the road follow English common law.  This makes it fairly easy for Brits, Americans, Canadians and Aussies to quickly acclimate.

Cheap spirits!!. With rum running around USD 25 a gallon, the cost of spirits is next to nothing here.  The cost of other products and services is also incredibly affordable.  A doctor’s visit generally runs around USD 20 for example.

Transportation. Most people here do not use cars to get around – especially in the more popular regions.  Instead, they use bikes, feet, public transportation and golf carts.  Talk about a huge expense that can be shaved out of the budget!

Laidback lifestyle.  This is the real appeal of Belize for most expatriates.  Belize is not a very formal country.  Leave the suits, ties and jackets back in the UK if this is your destination.


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